July 14th 2018 - Surya Namaskara and Rudrabisheka

The auspicious day of Bhanu Sapthami marks the confluence of - Surya emerging on seven horse drawn carriage ( Sapthami), on a Sunday (Bhanu) and transitioning the ecliptic to move to the Northern Hemisphere.

The auspicious date of July 14th marks the day of transition in the celestial ecliptic of the sun tracing a southern path relative to the human observer or the start of Dakshinayana. It is a period when the protective energies (Rudra and Aditya) are strengthened. AVGF celebrated this cosmic union of the two energies (Surya and Rudra) through Surya Namaskara and Rudrabisheka. The host was blessed to welcome these energies through Aghoreshwara, carved in an rare Amethyst gemstone. This provides deeper mental clarity and spiritual wellness during mental sadhana.

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