AVGf will help you celebrate your special day with a uniquely customized program. Please use the 'Request a program' link to share your special occasion and the type of program you would like to host at your home. Below are some pictures from recently hosted programs, please click on each picture individually to find out more details about the program.

Sarpa Mahakaleshwara
Mahakaleshwara taking the form of Sarpeshwara on Jan 15th heralding the arrival of Uttarayana.
Ganesha Chathurthi Celebrations
Vigneshwara set in Obsidian gemstone for freeing one from all obstacles.
Customary cleansing of all subtle energies (aapah) before Seemantham and Grihapravesham.
Vedic Chants for Health & Prosperity
Sri Rudra stands for health and Vishnu and Shree Sukta for prosperity.
Scottsdale Ardhanareeshwara
Ardhanareeshwara being invited to a home in Scottsdale with Ekadasa Rudrabhisheka. Sri Rudram is powerful form of invoking the very source of cosmic energy in the universe.
40th Birthday Celebrations
Host invites Samudreshwara, the Linga formed by Narmada herself celebrating chatvarimshat (40th) birthday celebration.
Wedding Anniversary Celebrations
15th Wedding Anniversary with Vishnu Lakshmi Abhisheka, Kanyadhana by the bride's parents, Sapthapadi and Madhuparka.
Ganapati, Vaasthu and Navagraha Homa. Host welcomes Vaasthu Narayana Purusha in Lapiz Lazuli to officiate sustaining energies in a newly built home.
Host and Upanayana Vatu receive blessings marking the transition from boy to manhood and the beginning of formal Vedic education.
Shravana Masa Immersion
Sponsors participating in Anga Nyasa involving seating of energies at various nadi and chakra centers.
60th Birthday Celebrations
Celebrating 60 years of life (1 Samvatsara cycle) with Maha Mrityunjaya Homa and Sukta. The host invites Spatika Lingodhbhava for Shashtiabdhapoorthi.
Surya Namaskara
Sun Salutations on the day following total solar eclipse on August 21st 2017 heralding the rebirth of the Sun in Phoenix. This is the year of Ganesha Aditya and the host invites Avyaktha Murthi, bringing in an infinite source of energy without being materially manifest.
Birthday Celebrations
Vedic Chanting for Tejas and Intellect for a young man leaving for college.
Yajurvedi and Rigvedic ritwiks donning the symbolic thread for cleansing the mind and body. This happens on the purnima day in the month of Shravana.
Team AVG @ Sandiego Maharudram
Team of 33 Ritwiks delivering Ekadasha Maharudra Ghana in Sandiego for the general health, world peace and well-being of the community.
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Hiranyagarbha Shivarathri
Tucson Dakshineshwar
Phoenix MahaKaleshwar
Tempe Triambakeshwar
Bhima Ratha Shanthi Celebrations
Bhima Ratha Shanthi Celebrations

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