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 Sept 2nd 2019 - Ganesh Chaturthi Public Event

Celebrated energies of Varuna and Ganapathi on the auspicious occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi with high quality chanting of Ganapathi Atharvasirsha with Abishekam, Ganapathi trikagup astottara and personalize aaseervachanam


July 21th 2019 - Sri Lalitha Sahasranama pooja 

Celebrated Sri Lalitha Sahasranama pooja followed by Sri Lalitha Asthothra by over 100 ladies from Phoenix valley, great experience for all participated ladies with personalize aashirvachana 


July 13th 2019 - Hima Ganga Rudrabishekam

Celebrated Hima Ganga Rudrabishekam (snow capped Shiva) generating an immersive experience for the host, their guests, ritwiks and everyone present with reverberating chanting of Mahaynasa poorvaka Rudram & Ghana on auspicious occasion of Saturday Sani Triyodasi during Pradosa kala


June 8th 2019 - 25th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrated 25th Anniversary with Ganapathi-Durga-Jayadi Homa, Mahaynasa Rudrabisheka, special Vivah Sapthapadi & Aasirvachana at Fountain Hill, AZ


Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 6.11.30 PM.png

March 4th 2019 - Tempe Triambakeshwar Mahashivaratri Ganabhishekam


Lord Shiva is said to be surrounded by a large retinue of secondary deities or semi-divine beings, also called as Pramathagana. When energized with the power of Mahanyas, each gana member represents one of the Ekadasa (11) Rudras. 

AVGf 2019 Mahashivaratri celebrations culminated with the worshipping of Rudra as Hiranyagarbha, with the chanting by chatur(4) ganas 

  • Symbolized as Mahadeva, Shiva, Rudra, Shankara

  • Extolling Chatur Vyahruthis viz., Agni, Vayu, Surya and Chandra

  • Representing the worship with Chatur Vedas, and

  • Seeking fulfiment of Chaturvidha Purusharthas viz., dharma, artha, kama and moksha

Devotees were blessed with the darshan of Triambakeshwar.

Tuscon Dakshineshwar 2019.png

March 2nd 2019 - Tuscon Dakshineshwar Shivaratri Mahotsavam

AVGf Avadhany's traveled from Phoenix, to continue Shivaratri Mahotsavam 2019, and celebrate with throngs of Tuscon devotees. Devotee families participated in Nyasa and performed abhisheka to a granite Shivalinga from Rameshwaram, alongside the chanting and Ekadasa Rudrabhisheka to Dakshineshwara. This was followed by individual archanas to marble pre-engergized shivalingas from Ujjain. Program culminated with individual Nakshatra Asheervachana, song and dance by Samarpan School of Dance.


February 23rd 2019 - Phoenix Mahakaleshwar Shivaratri Mahotsavam

Braving uncharacteristic inclement weather for phoenix valley, ritwiks and devotees participated with resilience and utmost devotion to kickstart Maha Shivaratri celebrations with Panchami Phoenix Mahakaleshwar shatha rudrabhishekam. 


February 17th 2019 - Bhima Ratha Shanthi Celebrations

Couple in Chandler celebrated the 70th birthday of their Dad. The occasion was the confluence of Shani Pradosha in Magha. On this aupicious occasion, the couple welcomed home the energies of Abhirami & Prameswara with Maha Mrintyunjaya Homa and Rudrabhisheka. It is appropriate that the mood of the celebrations was set to evoke the emotions and transport the audience starting with Thirukadayur and ending in Mahabalipuram.


January 13th 2019 - Bhanu Sapthami and Makara Sankranthi

Bhanu Sapthami Celebrations at PC&SC home in Chandler. This auspicious day marks the confluence of three things - Surya emerging on seven horse drawn carriage ( Sapthami), on a Sunday (Bhanu) and transitioning  the ecliptic to move to the Northern Hemisphere. As a result, this magnifies the intensity of the energy transimitted in the Northern continents. The recommended chant for this day is  "Gruni Suryaya Namaha" to amplify the effects 10 raised to 7 fold OR in other words 1 crore times. Rudra is the enery borne out f Surya and following Surya Namaskara with Roudric chants culminates the effect of both energies. The day started with Soura Suktha Surya Namaskara a dozen times, followed by Rudra Namaka Chamka Abisheka.


The day is also  ceberated as Makara Sankranthi to signify the beginning of a new season with festivities involving cleansing the home, decorations with Sugar Cane and Coconuts and partaking Pongal (Cooked rice with milk, ghee and Jaggery).


December 8th 2018 - Devotee Gruhapravesha


November 22nd 2018 - Kartika Pournami Celebrations



September 15th 2018 - Ganapathi Atharvasheersha Homa


The Grand Celebrations of Vinayaka Chaturthi culminated with Ganapathi Atharvasheersha Homa, Maha MruthyunJaya Yajna and RudraAbisheka. The couple welcomed Vimukha Ganapathi in Lohita Shila ( Red sandstone) to their home. The complex mantra, tantra , yantra proceedings began with Ganapathi taking form (Swaroopa) from Jatavedasa (Agni) and concluded with the installation (Pratishtaapana). 


The significance of this specific program involves propitiating Ganapathi in the form of Vimukha - to  go beyond simple material pleasures and emotional attachments to bring oneself to be spiritually connected to consciousness.


September 8th 2018 - Ganesh Chaturthi Preamble


Couple in chandler welcomes Shwetarka Ganapathi in a grand celebration of Gana Homa and Rudrabhisheka. The cosmic energies of Vayu, Rudra and Aditya were invoked through Homa to imbibe the energy of love and tranquility into a ivory Onyx carving of Ganapathi, concluding the ashtotra in trikagup rendition. This special program marks the beginning of AVGf's Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in 2018.


August 25th 2018 - Shraavana Purnima


This auspicious day marks the confluence of Shraavana Purnima and the transition of the moon from Shraavana to Shravishta constellation. The couple welcomed Baana Lohiteshwara to their residence in Happy valley on the occasion of their 14th wedding anniversary.


This day is also earmarked for rithwiks to engage in proverbial cleansing (trikana shuddhi). AVG Rithwiks started off the fall season celebrations with a stellar rendition of the Vedas  (Chathur Veda Parayana) and thus getting ready for a packed program over the next three months. 


August 18th 2018 - Shraavana Ashtami


On the auspicious Ashtami of Shravana (2018), a couple welcomes home unconditional love, opportunity and generosity though the installation of  the Jade Raksha Vinayaka in their residence. The energies were condensed during the install through a rigorous Vedic chant of Maha Nyasa, Rudraprashna and Ganapathi Ashtothara shathanamavali delivered in trikagup style. The green nephrite jade does it s part in bringing calm to a busy life, boosts your confidence by warding off negative aura and anchors you with realities of life. The Spanish named this stone nephros, as it has source minerals to dissolve kidney stones. Calcium magnesium calcite also promotes healing and boosts immunity.


July 14th 2018 - Surya Namaskara and Rudrabisheka


The auspicious date of July 14th marks the day of transition in the celestial ecliptic of the sun tracing a southern path relative to the human observer or the start of Dakshinayana. It is a period when the protective energies (Rudra and Aditya) are strengthened. AVGF celebrated this cosmic union of the two energies (Surya and Rudra) through Surya Namaskara and Rudrabisheka. The host was blessed to welcome these energies through Aghoreshwara, carved in an rare Amethyst gemstone. This provides deeper mental clarity and spiritual wellness during mental sadhana.

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