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  • January 13th 2019 - Bhanu Sapthami and Makara Sankranthi

    Bhanu Sapthami Celebrations at PC&SC home in Chandler. This auspicious day marks the confluence of three things - Surya emerging on seven horse drawn carriage ( Sapthami), on a Sunday (Bhanu) and transitioning the ecliptic to move to the Northern Hemisphere.

  • December 8th 2018 - Devotee Gruhapravesha

  • November 22nd 2018 - Kartika Pournami Celebrations

  • September 15th 2018 - Ganapathi Atharvasheersha Homa

    The significance of this specific program involves propitiating Ganapathi in the form of Vimukha - to go beyond simple material pleasures and emotional attachments to bring oneself to be spiritually connected to consciousness.

  • July 14th 2018 - Surya Namaskara and Rudrabisheka

    AVGF celebrated this cosmic union of the two energies (Surya and Rudra) through Surya Namaskara and Rudrabisheka.

  • August 18th 2018 - Shraavana Ashtami

    On the auspicious Ashtami of Shravana (2018), a couple welcomes home unconditional love, opportunity and generosity though the installation of the Jade Raksha Vinayaka in their residence.

  • August 25th 2018 - Shraavana Purnima

    This auspicious day marks the confluence of Shraavana Purnima and the transition of the moon from Shraavana to Shravishta constellation.

  • September 8th 2018 - Ganesh Chaturthi Preamble

    This special program marks the beginning of AVGf's Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in 2018

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